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 Bas the Pictures
   basbrno2001 (33K) Me in Brno (CZ) where I was studying

   2002macocha (44K) Me @ Macocha, a beautiful nature reserve north of Brno (CZ)

   2003delftsehout (51K) Me looking funny

   2003dhout (40K) BBQ @ Delftse Hout (NL)

   2003opfeest (15K) At a party in Delft (NL)

   2003uitgekniptBERL (12K) This is me (standing in front of the Brandenburger Tor)

   2004bij skogafoss (39K) Near SkogaFoss (Iceland)

   2004CPN (43K) Copenhagen (DK)

   2004hinsegintruck (65K) On a truck in Iceland

   2004Jested (41K) Jested near Liberec (CZ)

   2004jokull (50K) On an ice tongue (IS)

   2004mermaid (53K) With the famous mermaid (DK)

   2004Newzealand (47K) In New Zealand somewhere

   2004pivem (33K) With a beer (CZ where else)

   2004pride reykjavik (59K) Reykjavik Pride

   2004skonsurr (70K) Me with Skonsur !

   2004toyotarental (52K) Me with the Toyota we rented (IS) normally far from my choice in cars

   2005adrspach (81K) On the Rocks (CZ)

   2005adrspassko (31K) On the Rocks (Adrspach, CZ)

   2005Bechertonic (49K) At the bowling alley after one too many Becherovaka and tonics

   2005efteling (23K) Sitting at the Efteling of all places (NL)

   2005hinsegindagar (76K)During 2005 Hinsegin dagar (IS)

   2005Island (47K) Iceland again

   2005Islandfull (89K) And on an icelandic rock

   2005lademance (27K) Wasted after too much alcohol and dancing and so on

   2005letadlo (72K) In the airplane restaurant @ the DE/CZ border

   2005Quebec (106K) Moi à la ville de Québec (CA)

   2005skaly (90K) More rocks

   2005vermont (77K) In Vermont in a national Park (USA)

   2006zdarudoks (79K) In Zd'ar u Doks (CZ) after some Bohemia Sekt may I add

   computer (18K) This is what a computer thinks I look like, not bad except for the face...